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True Happiness Involves the Full Use of One's Power and Talents - John W. Gardner

True Happiness Involves the Full Use of One’s Power and Talents – John W. Gardner

We all possess positive traits and talents. Sadly, it’s quite obvious that a vast majority of the world’s population doesn’t take advantage of this fact. We become worried that we’re not good enough, that others are more talented, or that the possibility of failure is larger than that of success. We fill our minds with so much doubt that before we know it, our talents are suffocating instead of being put to good use.

When I was younger, I remember looking around and wondering why people didn’t always love their jobs. I thought to myself that if everyone had the ability to do something they loved and if the job was out there, then why weren’t they achieving that dream? While now I understand the true importance of making money and simply getting by, I think the concept still stands: if we search within ourselves and truly embrace our talents, we can be much happier people!

Have you ever noticed how amazing it feels when you’re doing something you love? How even if it seems like hard work, you don’t mind as much because you’re enjoying yourself? Do you ever take the time to think about how good it feels to help others by using your own talents?

True happiness is available to all of us. While it may take some hard work, motivation, and use of our talents in the best way possible – it’s worth it in order to be happy. We are given talents to help both ourselves and others. Let’s not waste such a wonderful gift.

True Happiness Involves the Full Use of One’s Power and Talents – John W. Gardner
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  1. Doing what you love is actually an amazing feeling like you said. I find myself in the zone, and I find that others flock naturally because they enjoy the warmth of the vibe of my zone. Excellent reminder!

  2. M. Venkatachari

    A nice post. We should try to do the job of our own likes and interests to derive true happiness and satisfaction.

  3. I wonder what role education has in this. Could it be that many people never actually find where there passions and talents are as the education system does not allow for enough self discovery and pursuing of individual interests?

  4. Being able to do what your passion is indeed one is fortunate. As then you enjoy doing it even if its hard work and makes it really worthwhile putting your best effort and reaping good results 🙂

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