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True Masters Are Those Who Have Chosen to Make a Life, Rather Than a Living - Neale Donald Walsch

True Masters Are Those Who Have Chosen to Make a Life, Rather Than a Living – Neale Donald Walsch

Life is not just meant to be lived – it’s meant to be experienced. But so often we fall into an everyday routine, where we wake up, go to work, come home, and go to sleep. We work to live on the weekends, but when the weekend comes, it seems to be over before we’ve had the chance to wake up to it.

And so we forget, in the midst of everyday life, that we have the chance to create our own lives – just as we want them to be, rather than what they “should” be, or “need” to be.

To experience life and what it’s all about, and to make the most of our time here, we need to make an active choice to do so. We cannot expect life to come jumping at us, pulling our arm in one direction or another. We have to go out there, on our own accord, looking for people, places, emotions, and fears – everything that will enrich our lives.

So make a life, not just a living. Make every moment count – in one way or another – and enjoy the journey that life is. Make the choice today, to make the most of your life with what you have. Yes, work is something we all have to do, but life isn’t just about work. There is another sixteen hours every day – one hundred and twenty-eight hours every week – where the choice is all yours.

Be the master of your own life.

True Masters Are Those Who Have Chosen to Make a Life, Rather Than a Living – Neale Donald Walsch
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For years, I have lived by the rule that nothing is too big or too scary to do; anything that anyone else can do, I can do, too. And now, since about a year back, I have decided to make it my life mission to make you understand your abilities and your strengths, to help you live the life you've always dreamed of. It's time we take over that steering wheel of life! It's time we start living our lives and not just waiting for "other stuff" to happen! Join me in my journey, and please, share yours with me over at www.johannarosberg.wordpress.com


  1. I love the idea of making life your own journey – an experience, and not just an “work, eat, sleep, repeat” phenomenon. And I’m in the process of redirecting my efforts to do just that – shaking off the mire and sludge those decades in corporate America have deposited atop my creative sprout. However, I snicker at your account available hours to do with what the heart desires: for most, an eight hour work day is in fact a 9-hour day (8 am – 5 pm, or thereabouts), and then there’s the commute – and if anyone has to suffer through a commute such as mine (I pray you don’t!), there is another loss of 2.5 hours a day, not to mention giving oneself a good hour for waking, grooming, and getting dressed for said employment situation (trust me – I don’t take this hour on a given weekend day). Now, your 8 hours has transformed into 12.5 hours, leaving 11.5 hours for whatever the heart desires – and my heart desires at least a few hours’ rest! Carve another 6.5 hours out of that glorious “free time”, and you’re left with a whopping 5 hours! Should I even mention kids and spouses?? Sixteen hours outside of work hours is mighty lofty, and incredibly unrealistic. And what I’ve learned over my near 5 decades is loftiness and lack of realism is worse than fear – it sets you up for sure failure. I AM working on changing my direction, but I’m doing so with my eyes wide open, fully aware of what limitations exist, still holding hope in my heart, and understanding that change begins with me. Blessings!

    • This is true – life is consumed by the little responsibilities! It can be exhausting. I think here Johanna is saying that we can choose to live that time outside of work for ourselves or as simply the time between one workday and another. So even though we may have a 2.5 hour commute perhaps we can read, blog or listen to a podcast in that time that will encourage us and inspire us to seek more freedom in the long run.

      • Unfortunately I haven’t figured out a way to “read or blog” while driving, without endangering others on the road, so I’ll have to skip those for now, but I AM working on ways to hopefully eleviate, if not completely eliminate, that 2.5 hours of commute time, in my pursuit of a more freeing life! (I know – mass transit… but that would change my 2.5 hr commute time to 4.5 hours! Sad, I know, but true!) Like I said originally, I’m not AGAINST this concept! I guess I’m just more of a realist, on my journey…

        • Thanks for your input here, Ann, and I totally understand what you are saying. What I wrote is based on an over all generalisation, because I realize we all have different work experiences. I thought of being sort of in the middle with eight hours, as some people work less than that and others work more. It was as simple as that.
          Can I make a suggestion for you, without hopefully sounding insensitive or stepping on any toes? Here, you seem to focus on a very small and fairly insignificant part of my text – something that didn’t really have to do much with the rest of what I wrote – and to that, you make something negative out of it. My suggestion is for you to try and start focusing on the positive aspect of things. Okay, so you only have about five hours left every day. Great! Five hours is five hours more than none! What will you do with those five hours in order for you to make a life and not just a living? Maybe that time you spend with your family is exactly what you need (because how great isn’t that time!)? Maybe you can take long walks, meditate, work out, or read. It’s up to you – whatever you enjoy the most, do that in your free hours, and make sure to just enjoy what you have! 🙂

      • And thank you, Soultura, for your comment, you hit the nail on the head here! 🙂

  2. I unfortunately a lot of fun things take money. When you have financial difficulties, you can’t afford to have fun.

    • Having fun really don’t have much to do with money at all. It’s like I always say, everything is what you make of it. I have the most fun when I spend time with my friends and family, just talking and laughing and enjoying each others company, and when I go to the beach. None of these things cost money.
      Like I wrote, it’s the people, the places, our emotions, and our fears that enriches our lives. Money comes and goes, but love, enjoyment, happiness and all other emotions will not, and they are what makes life worth living! 🙂

  3. Brittany Littlejohn Bonnaffons

    Best part:

    “make a life, not just a living.” I have GOT to remember this.

    • We all need reminders, and to remind ourselves, of this! Maybe you can write it down somewhere, frame it on a wall, where you will see it every day? 🙂
      I’m glad you found use in my text, and thank you for commenting!

  4. I love having choices, and like I eat to live, I live to live. Both Jack and Jill would be very dull if they worked and did not play. I suspect you can find ways to have fun while you work. What’s that happy song about “whistling while you work.” I realize that many people need to make an income to the extent that they find themselves working day and night. In my opinion, this is where making some hard choices might come in. There are needs and then there are wants, and desires. Unless we can fulfill our needs, we’ll never around to enjoying our wants. I can’t believe people don’t want to have fun. But you have to earn the time to have it!

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