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Most of Us Don't Spend Any Time Knowing Ourselves. We Just Keep Reacting - Jewel

Most of Us Don’t Spend Any Time Knowing Ourselves. We Just Keep Reacting – Jewel

How many times do you find yourself listening to what others say? Do you find that you’re more likely to listen to negative comments than positive ones? How much time do you spend really looking into your heart and soul and trying to figure out who you are? Who do you let define you? Yourself or others?

It can be hard ignoring the noise around us. It can be difficult tuning out the cruelty of others – especially if it’s something that seems inescapable. Sometimes we are so surrounded by hatred and criticism that it can be hard to remember all of our wonderful traits.

Take some time to really focus on yourself. Don’t think about the mean comment that your parents may have said or the negative words that your friend may have spoken. Focus on the good things about yourself. Trust me, we all have them. We all have characteristics and traits that are worth being proud of!

So much of our time tends to be spent becoming both saddened and angered by concentrating on unfriendly words. Words definitely have the power to hurt our feelings and make us question our worth if we let them. We sometimes forget that we are the ones that define who we are.

If you want to be a good person, say and do things that make you a good person. If you want to help others, get out and help. If you want to be kind, go for it! If you want to be successful, try your hardest to achieve your goals. Your friends and family do not control your actions or your future, you do. It doesn’t matter if others have faith in you, it matters if you believe in yourself.

Start paying attention to who you are deep down and stop reacting to the negative noise!

Most of Us Don’t Spend Any Time Knowing Ourselves. We Just Keep Reacting – Jewel
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  1. So true! I got to know myself real well after I lost everything tangible thing I had. What I thought I was became way different that who I am. I am so much happier not having to pretend to be anyone but me. 🙂

  2. Very good and interesting post on not letting others negative opinions hold you down, or define you. If I may add something to it, another good place to stop focusing on the negative is with our own selves and inner voices. If you can quiet your inner critic then quieting the other critics will be easier. Hope you don’t mind, me adding these thought in- just thought it would be worth mentioning.

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