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Use Your Past to Push You Forward, Not Pull You Backward - B.G.

Use Your Past to Push You Forward, Not Pull You Backward – B.G.

We all think about the past. If we look hard enough, we will all discover that there are things that we miss. Maybe we haven’t done something we enjoy in a while. It’s okay to reminisce – as long as we use the past to fuel the present in a positive, healthy way.

It’s hard not to get lost in the past – memories have a way of pulling us in. We may look at our lives now and see that, in comparison, things were better several years back. This can be depressing and extremely overwhelming. Sometimes it seems impossible for us to return to simpler times.

Dwelling on the past will not take us back in time. Instead, we won’t be able to better our present and enjoy our future. There is a way that we can keep our memories and use them to encourage improvement. How can we accomplish this? We look to our past for guidance. If there are some things that we feel were better in the past, then we try to recreate them in healthy ways.

Perhaps you struggle with believing in yourself. Maybe once upon a time you believed that anything was possible. You find that somewhere down the line, you lost hope. How can you recreate faith in yourself? Perhaps you could make a list of all your talents or all of the times that you’ve witnessed success on your part. Remember that every little accomplishment counts for something!

There are many lessons that we can take from past experiences. All we have to do is use these lessons to help move us forward.

Use Your Past to Push You Forward, Not Pull You Backward – B.G.
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  1. True not easy to push back the past but as you say we can make use of it to move on to the future. Thanks for your post 🙂

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