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Values Are Like Fingerprints. Nobody's Are the Same, but You Leave 'Em All Over Everything You Do – Elvis Presley

Values Are Like Fingerprints. Nobody’s Are the Same, but You Leave ‘Em All Over Everything You Do – Elvis Presley

Our values underlie the choices and actions we take.  They are the subconscious drivers to every decision we’ll make.  Yet for many of us, we haven’t spent much quality time exploring or examining these internal values.

Take a few minutes today to do some reflecting.  What qualities would you like your daily actions to reflect?  Integrity? Responsibility? Courage? Optimism? Generosity? Discipline? Dependability?

Having a clearer understanding of the values you’d like your life to emulate will help you in your decision-making.  It will improve your confidence and give you a solid foundation on which your life can build. 

So what are some of the core values that you identify most with?  Which would you like to develop? Please feel free to share them below! 

Values Are Like Fingerprints. Nobody’s Are the Same, but You Leave ‘Em All Over Everything You Do – Elvis Presley
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  1. Energetic kindness! It is more important to me to be kind than to be right.

  2. Value clarification is crucial but often overlooked as your post indicated. For me, integrity is the core value I identify most with. And relationship is the one that I am working to develop better.

    Prioritizing one’s values also helps to focus and utilize one’s resource more effectively.

  3. Exactly! That’s pretty much what my blog is all about. Love the Elvis quote!

  4. I love Elvis….proof…I named my daughter Presley! great post! integrity!! Truth honesty!

  5. Freedom, freedom to do what I want to do, create, speak, imagine. And with my freedom, everyone else’s too! And of course, with great freedom, comes great responsibility!

  6. I’d say patience is one I’d like to develop. Having more patience will help me in appreciating what I have more, and enjoying the journey. I guess authenticity, creativity and more understanding are some of the ones I already identify with. That’s about it.

  7. I highly value integrity. I would like to have more security in myself and stop feeling like I have to defend my choices when someone shows any opposition.

  8. Great post, I write and discuss this topic in my life and blog as well. Integrity and owning your life and choices, having a voice is being your true self and everyone should be proud of that.

  9. A solid foundation is exactly what values create for us! Mine of course are humility, generosity and honesty, there are more but these are some of my biggest.

  10. Personal Core Value #1 Safety. Corresponding character trait – Patience. #2 Sustainability – Honesty. #3 Balance – Courage. #4 Harmony – Respect. #5 Stability. I am currently developing #4. Gratitude likely to pair with Stability- I am not there yet.

  11. Responsibility, Honesty, Generosity, Care, Enthusiasm, Noticing, Love.

  12. i totally agree all these values are important but optimism is necessary to keep going with your life, then we can practice other values too…

  13. This post is definitely thought provoking. There are two values that come to mind here. One is discipline. I heard a sermon the other day and a statement that said “The secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine.” This statement resonated with me to my core. I truly believe this and as I have been working on my daily routine (especially writing), it really stuck out to me. Getting busy with my jobs and family, I was reminded that I have to stay disciplined in what I am passionate about. Another one is integrity. I had an experience recently where I feel like it was a test and I failed. What I took from the experience is that as we grow more intimately with our Lord, you never know how deep the crevices are when integrity plays out. I did learn something about myself and it is an area that although good, it is not the best it could be. These are the two that immediately came to my mind. Thanks for the post and the challenge of getting to know ourselves better.

  14. I couldn’t agree more. I am a huge advocate of optimism and shedding light, in one way or another, on every situation. Another core value I also aim to express is inclusiveness; to leave judgement behind and, instead, provide encouragement and inspiration. We don’t know enough about what another person is going through. So I believe, if there is something we can leave them with, let it be inclusiveness – no judgement.
    Very thoughtful post 🙂

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