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Well Done Is Better Than Well Said - Benjamin Franklin

Well Done Is Better Than Well Said – Benjamin Franklin

We all say things. We make promises that we sometimes break. Maybe we tell ourselves to exercise, only to put it off for something trivial like watching TV. Perhaps we say we’re going to start facing our fears, only to let other responsibilities get in the way of taking the steps to do so.

It is always good to say that we’re going to get things done. To abandon these goals, however, is to convince ourselves that they’re not important. By doing this, we’re giving ourselves the idea that what we say doesn’t matter. Also, by not following through with our plans, we make bettering our lives seem insignificant.

Doing the things that we know will give us a bright future is always better than just stating the obvious. It’s obvious that we want to overcome our obstacles, it’s obvious that we want to put in more work and effort. The thing that often isn’t obvious, however, is how much work we’re actually willing to do. Saying that we will work hard is not the same as actually doing so.

We’re all guilty of procrastination. The problem we face is that, while we’d like to, we won’t live forever. While every day is a new opportunity to experience success, this is only possible if we focus on not just saying that we’ll work on our goals, but actually acting on these words. The next time you promise yourself to do what’s needed in order to improve your life, try your hardest to make it happen!

Well Done Is Better Than Well Said – Benjamin Franklin
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  1. “Saying that we will work hard is not the same as actually doing so.” Okay, this is such a “duh” statement, but it’s the type of thing I find myself saying over and over. I don’t know about your corner of the world, but in mine, there is a distressing amount of lip-service and jive-talking with a dearth of follow-through. People act as if throwing words at a subject equates discussing it and expressing belief equates action.

    And then there’s me, who really, really intends, any day now, to go back to the gym and work out again. Really.

    Yeah, so, I needed to read this today. Thank you!

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