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What If I Fall? Oh, but My Darling What If You Fly? – Erin Hanson

What If I Fall? Oh, but My Darling What If You Fly? – Erin Hanson

How many of us are living in fear of taking a leap into flight? A leap into flight out of our comfort zones? Into a new job, a new love, pursuing a passion without a way of knowing the outcome?

This fear, often times, keeps us caged in like birds who are too afraid to fly.
We tell ourselves many lies; convincing ourselves this cage is protecting us from the disappointments, hurts, and of possible failures that may happen if we decide to take that leap. So, we sit as caged birds and daydream of what could be.

What happens if we DO decided to take the leap? What if we DO decide to flap our wings and fly out of that cage?

Some of us will fly, landing safely at our destinations. Some of us will fly, falling short of our destinations. But ALL of us will have conquered the fear of taking the scariest leap of all, deciding to be brave and facing the wind.  ALL of us will have experienced flying. Most importantly, ALL of us will have a story about our uncaged journey. What we do with our stories is up to us.

If you are one who has fallen short of your destination, remind yourself that you were at least brave enough to take the risk to fly.  Remember, caged birds only daydream.  Get back up, flap your wings, and create new adventures you can share.

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What If I Fall? Oh, but My Darling What If You Fly? – Erin Hanson
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  1. “Caged birds only daydream”…what a truthful, beautiful line. Dreams that always and only stay inside a cage will make us discontented, insecure, afraid (like you said) and comfortable (the worst!) where we are. Thanks for a great post, now I have to be sure I get out of my cage today and spread those dreams a little bit 🙂

  2. Great post! It’s about the journey – the goal is to continue working towards improvement everyday. When we get caught up in the plan, the preconceptions, expectations, and focusing on what might have been – we get into trouble. I just focus on making today better than yesterday!

  3. Beautiful and inspirational – thank you!

  4. This one of my favorite quotes. and a wonderful post about it …One thought from me – as writers we are more fortunate than others – at least when we fail miserably it makes a great story, so we should be among the most adventuresome…keep flying The Seeds of Life

  5. After eight years of staying at a job solely because I’m comfortable in the misery, I have a second interview at what I hope will be a fantastic new job tomorrow. Yeah, I’m scared. But I can do this. Thank you, very apropos for me at this time.

  6. Awesome, this is perfect for a person who wants to achieve success but is blinded by fear, more proof that where you focus is where you land:)

  7. I love this. So, so true. I flew – I crashed. But at least I flew!

  8. This can apply to so many areas of life – personal, business, emotional… Thanks so much for the intriguing discussion on a very interesting topic.

  9. Very well written article! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  10. I like this quite a bit. It’s a good reminder that, even if I’m not writing as often as I’d like to be and even if I’m not quite where I’d imagined – I’ve taken some great strides toward my goals and I’ve stepped out in faith. I needed that reminder today!

  11. If I fall, I know there is only up to go! 🙂 Love your inspiration and insight.

  12. A great way to inspire us all. If we don’t fly, we’ll only see our world from the ground. How much more wonderful to see it from above!
    I often dream I can fly; all I have to do in my dream is run fast, flap my arms and there I am … perhaps I shouldn’t be disappointed when I wake up after all; I can still fly …

  13. I have tried and failed to chase dreams; I survived, so I still do it. Strangely i find it actually gets scarier as I get older, and feel frailer and really want somebody to fall back on.

  14. WOW! What an encouraging blog post. I had a situation this week where I almost allowed fear to stop me in my tracks. I had an acting audition (my very first acting gig) for a part at a local university. The first part of the audition went well, however the second part of the audition I had to submit a video of me reciting the script through memory. I was so scared. I began to doubt myself. I wanted to give up but I did not. I have not received the result of my audition, but I am very proud of myself that I studied my lines and submitted my video. I am very happy.

  15. Thank you!! I am definitely FLYING – and continuing to choose it & to love myself through it. <3

  16. Getting ready to take the road less travelled, to jump off a cliff and soar. . .or at least flap my wings and stir up some dust. And I’m 70. Thanks for the message.

  17. It’s taken me a long time and lots of pain – I’ve taken the leap and am now mid flight – not sure where my destination will be…. Thanks for this post – I feel better about being ‘mid-flight’ now!

  18. How lovely and reassuring.

  19. Wonderful thought! Everybody faces this fear, at a certain point.. must be brave but it worth it! hug

  20. Don’t let the fear of falling keep you from flying

  21. reading is above the clouds….writing is erasing the storm with the plume.

  22. Another inspiring post. Keep shining. A lot of people are drawing inspiration from you.

  23. You do a lot right on your blog. Interesting photography, thought provoking writing. Concise posts that readers can absorb the point quickly. In my opinion the font chosen for the post is harder to read than others, that is my observation. thanks for visiting my blog, I also looked at the quotes section. Wow – lots of good stuff in there.

    • Thanks @dfolstad58 – Appreciate the kind words! Yes, well we wanted our font choice to be a little different. We want it to feel more like a journal entry, stand out a bit. We feel it’s a good mix between creative and readability. Thanks again!

  24. I am new to “blogging”, strange as I have been writing a “blog” for years but in this new era where I am giving myself the time to discover, use and develop my creativity. As I get to grips with the technology of WordPress (up until now, I have just been writing and that’s it!) I have realised that I have a few likes on my posts and clicked on your gravatar (is that what it is?!) I am loving this blog and can’t wait to devour it! I love quotes, my writing is centred around quotes. They ground my thoughts! I absolutely love this quote. I was just thinking it to myself the other morning when I was out soaking up the beauty of this Mother Earth and worrying about my Daughter who lives with such anxiety and is so worried about what the future holds for her dependent on her GCSE results. This is the perfect quote to bombard her with! I am emotional just thinking about how this quote relates to her. It is such a Beautiful sentiment.
    Thank you so much for discovering me and I can’t wait to discover so much more of you, but for now I am going to hug my Darling Daughter and tell her to spread her wings and fly!

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