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What Is Sought Can Never Produce the Seeking - B.F. Skinner

What Is Sought Can Never Produce the Seeking – B.F. Skinner

The journey – Nothing can replace the transformation we all experience when reaching a goal. I am forced to look at where exactly I am in my journey. Am I at the starting line because I only recently narrowed down the direction I want to travel in? Or am I within reach of all that I stand to gain? But then again, how can you measure such a thing? I think about how I am different compared to yesterday. Evolved into a different person than I was 5 years ago. 

The journey – Created with no end or start date, but instead rests on achievements and downfalls. There are no shortcuts to reaching our dreams. One must experience life. Take joy in the journey. Sometimes it’s better than what is waiting for us at the finish line.

What has shaped your journey? What were the successes? The failures? Perhaps you didn’t even realize you were on one. Take the time to reflect. Grab that journal that’s been collecting dust or open a new memo on your cell phone. Document for yourself times that make you smile or tear up. Those moments can never replace what you are seeking.

What Is Sought Can Never Produce the Seeking – B.F. Skinner
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This Seed was planted by Angelina Guzman, a San Diego native. By day I work as a behavior interventionist with children on the Autism spectrum. By night I am an author, loving wife, and dog mom. My personal project is Peace and Flourish - here I focus on positive psychology and mental health awareness. Thanks for getting to know me!


  1. You’re absolutely right. Keeping a journal can be very helpful, and in times where you don’t where to turn, cathartic. I have opened a journal from days gone by, and found a chuckle, a sniffle, or a full blown cry. However, it’s been wonderful to see where I was and where I am now. I also have strategies, whether I realized I was giving myself hope, and strength back then or not. These strategies can often be tweaked for the present, or recycled. What I’ve found too is, [although I do still need the support of others along my path], I also have most everything I need inside. Cool beans, right?!

    • Sparkyjen-
      Thanks for sharing! I know people can be fearful of returning to old journal entries but its essentially a road map to where we’ve been. Congrats on this feat alone 🙂 Yay for seeing the power within our self.

  2. “Take joy in the journey.” That is such an important thing to remember! Thank you for the inspiration. 💚✨

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