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Words of the Hero: "I Am My Fate" - Marty Rubin

Words of the Hero: “I Am My Fate” – Marty Rubin

Circumstances may arise that will shake our world. These circumstances will be the earthquakes of our lives. They will come without warning and will wobble our world off of its axis. Some quakes, will shatter our lives so badly, we will have to rebuild. Some quakes, will shake us into realizations we may need in order to continue on living the life we intend to. We will be unprepared. We will be surprised.

In the unpreparedness, we may allow defeat to make a home inside of us. The reality of rebuilding after a crushing circumstance can seem impossible. It may send us into the abyss of seeing only the problem, completely blind to any solution and we will forget how to find our way out of this abyss.

In the surprise, we may allow fear to drive our ambition. The shock to our system of unforeseen circumstances may cause some anxiety in taking progressive steps toward our desired destination. We may rather be comfortable with fear paralyzing our efforts and standing still than risk taking steps forward.

However, circumstances are not presented to impede our stride towards the goal. They are presented to remind us of our capabilities, to pull us out of the comfort zone of the ordinary. To whisper to us to call upon the hero that is braver than any unexpected or overpowering circumstance, ourselves. We are the hammer in the rebuilding and the driver towards our destination.  We are the heroes of our stories. We are the solution. We are the outcome. It is up to us. We can lay down in defeat, or get back up.

Words of the Hero: “I Am My Fate” – Marty Rubin
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  1. This is how regeneration happens. New comes over ashes of the old.

  2. Good read. This fits what I have been experienced. I am still struggling to over come my anger and depression. I am getting better. I will share this post.

  3. Great post! I have really been struggling lately, but this reminds me that I will come out of it at some point a better person. Thank you!

  4. Keep your head up, PJ! Whatever the circumstance, it’s all temporary and life lessons are certainly to be learned. You got this!!!

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