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You Can't Base Your Life on Other People's Expectations – Stevie Wonder

You Can’t Base Your Life on Other People’s Expectations – Stevie Wonder

Some people in this world have a need to control others. They place expectations on those around them and if the expectations are not met, their disapproval becomes evident. While it is sometimes a sign of respect to believe that someone will live a prosperous life, expectations can also ruin relationships and cause unnecessary pressure.

Society has placed rules and guidelines on so many aspects of life. If you don’t have a job by a certain age, you’re considered irresponsible or lazy. If you still live with your parents at thirty, you don’t have a life or you lack self-respect. Who made these rules? Why do the opinions of others define who we are?

The only expectations that are truly essential to meet are our own. If we set goals for ourselves, we should try to achieve them. Even if we don’t, however, that does not make us failures. Sometimes things just take time. Sometimes we just have to put in a little more effort. Don’t let others determine how successful you are!

You Can’t Base Your Life on Other People’s Expectations – Stevie Wonder
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  1. Very true & a very good reminder. I needed that today. Thank you. 🌸

  2. I discuss something similar in one of my blog posts (Titled: (Not) Exceeding Expectations). I have learned through intense and painful personal experience that we cannot place expectations on other because they begin to feel an inconvenience or like we are trying to control them. Guilt has overtaken me for that mistake, but I’ve tried to channel that guilt into creating new personal expectations that I know I can live up to. Thank you for this post. It really spoke to me.

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