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You Have Greatness Within You – Les Brown

You Have Greatness Within You – Les Brown

The ability for greatness lies within all of us. 

The ability to overcome our fears; to break away from the patterns of anxious thinking. The ability to turn our dreams into reality, to become successful, in any area we choose. 

The ability to find the positives within a negative outcome; to come back stronger from failure.  The ability to be happy right now, no matter our current circumstances; to send love to those whom we disagree.  It’s all there for us, harbored within.

But do YOU believe that?  For it’s our beliefs or non-beliefs in statements like those which help make them real.  It’s our underlying perceptions about our potential, our abilities, and the workings of life which have the greatest impact on the quality of life we can and do create for ourselves. 

Take a moment today to ponder about just what statements that you’ve come to believe about yourself, about life, which could be holding back your growth, your happiness, your greatness. 

If you believe or don’t believe you can change your life; you surely will.       

You Have Greatness Within You – Les Brown
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  1. Perfect timing for me to read this…thank you!

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